village founders

Our Village Founders are a group dedicated to funding the design phase of our first village over the next 6 months. Each member commits to a $20 donation per month until the end of 2017 (or pledge $120 now).  Once we reach this goal, we will begin fundraising for the buildout phase!

General donations

Even if you can't become a founder, every little bit helps push us closer to our goal. You can help build a home for a homeless individual now! All your funds go to making a sustainable transitional shelter.

We are a state registered non profit that is in the process of getting our 501c3.  For grants we are able to accept tax deductible contributions through our fiscal sponsor "One World Family."


A 15-passenger cargo van would allow us to more easily move volunteers and materials between our headquarters and village site. It would also allow us to begin offering tiny home tours of New Orleans. Do you have an old cargo van that you don't need anymore? Would you be willing to donate it to us for a tax write-off? Send us email if so!