Integrated Wellness

programming to ensure well-being of both the body and mind

To ensure that our village has a holistic approach, we are building an Integrated Wellness program that will be open to all villagers.

We are currently working to identify homeless needs and issues as well as possible wellness solutions. Once we complete our research phase, we will create our journal, format our group meetings with appropriate content, and design the details of our sacred space. 

The LOVE Journal is central to our Wellness program

The LOVE Journal is central to our Wellness program

Our Wellness Model

1. design The LOVE Journal

A custom developed 1 year long wellness journal that also serves as the orientation handbook. This journal will address all the needs identified through creative solutions that will address these needs. The journal will serve as an empowering journey for those who take it whether its two weeks or a full year. 

2. start The LOVE support group

A weekly support group, facilitated by the homeless which also covers 1 year of support, closely mirroring our journal and bringing the vital element of live sharing and support.

3. Build A sacred space

Our Village will have a sacred space. This would honor all. Here one can read inspiring books, do physical movements such as yoga or meditation, pray, contemplate and be in silence. This would also serve as our workshop area.

We also plan to have gardens that will serve as healing spaces, which we will fill with pets—dogs, cats, chickens—to serve in creating and fostering a transformative space.

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