Micro Business Assistance

building reliable sources of income through shared resources

One of the many challenges of being homeless is finding and keep a job. Without access to an income source, the homeless are trapped in difficult situation without means to creating a stable home situation.

Our solution is to offer current and future residents the opportunity to participate in our Micro Businesses. Currently we are providing tricycles that sell simple items. Each qualified person, can check out the tricycle for a day or more. 

Bikes offer inexpensive, mobile business opportunities

Bikes offer inexpensive, mobile business opportunities

What kinds of businesses?


A simple bike modification allows for mobile vending businesses opportunities that offer decent daily wage.


A great potential opportunity for growing and delivering fresh healthy food around town


Landscaping Services

A shared set of tools allow for a simple, low overhead business model

Driving Services

A long-term plan that would allow for the shared use of a vehicle for residents to be Uber or Lyft drivers

Become a Partner Business

Give back to the community while creating jobs. With co-branding we can advertise and sell your local products on a cart or bicycle by qualified homeless individuals that we can help empower together. 

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