Personal Care Package (un-Coffee & Salve)


Personal Care Package (un-Coffee & Salve)

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This package would be ideal for you. We packaged two of our most popular herbal gifts for you in one single deal. And at an amazing price. 

What you get

  • 2 oz  "Calm me later" hand made herbal salve
  • 2.5 oz "Dandy chicks have more fun" the best un-coffee herbal tea that is actually good for you! 
  • Thank you card from Santosha
  • Story of Santosha

"Dandy chicks have more fun" herbal coffee replacement:


Dandy chicks have more fun
Organic roasted dandelion and chicory roots gently mixed in with cardamom pods. 2.5 oz makes about about 15 to 18 servings.
Directions simmer a teaspoon of roots to a  cup and a half of water for five minutes, strain then serve.

Calm me later - herbal vegan salve
Organic calendula, plaintain, comfrey in olive and coconut oils with vegan wax.
Calms and and brings comfort to cuts, bites and any skin irritations.


What you support

  • High quality product for a very reasonable price
  • Support a local small business
  • Help raise funds for Santosha to create its first village


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