Santosha - The Village

An Alternative village for all who find it hard to live in the world we have created.


Today more than ever the American dream is in question. The poor, especially those earning minimum wage or on disability or SSI find themselves feeling burdened and unable to have enough money to pay their bills. Earning a paycheck of about $1,150/mo they feel every little bump in life as a catastrophe. Others who have more still feel they spend all their waking hours working craving balance and peace. The youth feel despair and hopelessness of the american dream. While many seniors on a fixed income see the american dream translating to isolated nursing homes where one awaits their final disposition.

Our unending need to want have more has lead to a huge inequity. If America was was divided based on wealth

This way of living has 40% of Americans a single paycheck from homelessness
— report by the Federal Reserve on economic well being

Solution: Santosha Village

Santosha Village is a community that  focuses on the well being of the individual through affordable housing, access to nutrition and wellness tools, reliable transportation, and a focus on following ones passion as a way of making a living. 
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Santosha is

Why Santosha Village?

Challenges of the current system

  • Lack of Privacy (dorm-style living)

  • Lack of Storage of personal belongings

  • Limited Stay

  • You have to pack up and Leave every morning

Advantages of Village

  • All the advantages of having a private dwelling unit, with storage, basic electric and water etc.

  • Stay for as long as a year

  • No mandate to leave all day

  • Focused on self reliance and communal living

How will it work?

5 village rules:

  1. No violence

  2. No theft

  3. No alcohol or illegal drugs on-site

  4. No persistent, disruptive behavior

  5. Everyone must contribute to the operation and maintenance of the Village.

Each villager gives:

  • $30–60/month utility fee

  • 8 hours/week front desk duty

  • Clean community bathroom once a month

  • Attendance at weekly village meeting

Each villager gets:

  • A small, safe and private space to call your own

  • Access to common kitchen, bath, laundry, gathering, and workshop facilities

  • Access to Mental Wellness and Micro-Business Assistance programming

  • Computer and wi-fi access

  • Monthly Bus Pass

A Proven Concept

Opportunity Village in Eugene Oregon already has a homeless village running in this model! The city and a residents have partnered to build a 30 home shelter which has performed really well. Learn more about Opportunity Village.

The village is run by SquareOne Villages, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating self-managed communities of cost-effective tiny homes for people in need of housing. They have 3 villages currently in operation.