A self-run healing village for the un-housed and struggling in New Orleans

Our mission is to facilitate the journey from homelessness and near homelessness towards a fulfilling life.

Are you homeless? Find out what Santosha can do for you. Learn more.

Santosha Village aspires to be the first tiny house urban village of 25 units in New Orleans.

It is a 2 year experiential living program designed to support a journey for its residents towards living a fulfilling life through hyper-affordable housing and,potential home ownership, self-reliance, integrated wellness, as well opportunities to operate micro businesses.

Our residents would be comprised of individuals inspired to live communally within a smaller footprint, while also improving their housing situation and well-being. The Village community is open to the inclusion of those individuals and couples with jobs that are pressed to make ends meet and anyone formerly unhoused seeking an opportunity for  true change. The village will also be open to other people who are struggling, such as  students,artists,musicians, culture bearers and potentially those involved in social programs, such as studying social work or involved in Americorp.

  A proven concept: Opportunity Village in operation in Eugene, Oregon

A proven concept: Opportunity Village in operation in Eugene, Oregon


Our Pillars

The Village

With a fenced perimeter, common spaces, cooking facilities, gardens, and programming, the village with encourage interaction among residents. Learn more.

Integrated Mental Wellness

At the heart of village is our custom wellness program that will help provide a space for healing. Learn more.

Micro-Business Assistance

We use a unique micro-business program that focuses on small, cottage businesses and trade skills that can generate daily living wages with a low overhead. Learn more.

Sustained Freedom

We provide empowering education and research tools to help our villagers find long-term affordable housing as well as career and budget management skills. Learn more.

Why Santosha?

An affordable, safe environment with individual privacy, ample storage, & unlimited stay


similar villages nationwide


early prototypes built 


total materials cost to build a tiny home for the village


tiny homes to be built for pilot village


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