Our Story


We started with building a small shelter on wheels made on a base of two shipping pallets. Our first resident was Pope, a homeless who sat on St Charles street.

Then the requests started pouring in. First was another homeless named One Eyed James, who had been on the streets asked us to build him one, too. We did and, in doing so, built our second shelter, which improved on the design from the original. Then we met Eddie, who had recently become homeless after his wife died of cancer. We built him our third shelter. After this we partnered with The Harry Tompson Center to Build our most recent and fourth shelter. This shelter has already served 5 people.

Since then we have, been working hard on our village model. The true power of our solution lies in self governed, hyper affordable community living.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Haiyan Khan
Kathy Gahr
Doug Chrisey
Matthew Redding
Mazhar Islam
Donisha Lombard
Lesley Saketkoo
Kalpana Saxena

Board of Advisors

Lee Domingue
Tami Hills
BB St Roman