Get Involved

Just like our houses, we are a tiny group of people working on a big project. But we would love for you to be involved! Below are some areas where we need additional support to bring our vision to life.  


Host a dinner at home. Donate a yoga class towards this cause. Find creative ways that you love to help fund raise. We will provide you the materials needed.

Micro Home Repair

Want to help repair existing homes that we have. From installing a door to fixing something inside or upgrading, we can use your help.

Land & Legal Research

Do you have law, real estate land regulation experience. Help us in researching the best way to build a homeless community on an acre of land!

Weekly Facilitator & Community Builder

Be part of facilitating weekly meetings with the homeless with the agenda of getting the blue print of the Tiny Community. This is a fun activity that will involve the homeless into a meaningful way to spend their time.

Social Media Assistance

Help us engage with our audiences and keep our Facebook page up to date.