The Micro Community

A self-run healing village for the un-housed and struggling in New Orleans

Our program is a 2 year experiential living program designed to support a journey for its residents towards living a fulfilling life through.

All day-to-day operations of the Village will be managed and operated by its residents. Each resident will commit between 5-8 hours of Village work and contribute approximately $100 per month in rent which includes their private tiny home, access to the grounds and shared communal spaces, wellness opportunities, utilities and shared community dinners.

Santosha Village will support shared community gardens, fruit trees, small animals(such as pets and beehives) and access to developing knowledge to support a small urban farm. A beautiful, sacred yurt (round, permanent canvas structure) would provide a healing sanctuary composed of various offerings for expanding for mind, body and spirit,such as spiritual services, support group gatherings, uplifting workshops, conscious movement (such as yoga), meditation and other opportunities. A communal  kitchen and shared living/dining area will provide and encourage gatherings and nightly community dinners.

A proven concept: Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon

A proven concept: Opportunity Village in Eugene, Oregon

Residents would be invited to stay up to 2 years during which time they would have the opportunity to participate and evaluate the merit of community based living and make suggestions for improvement. During this time they would be able to support their individual growth, relationship to and in the Village community, as well as the larger New Orleans community. Additionally, besides participating in life in the communal setting, encompassing the rich opportunities being offered, residents will also the  learn how they can begin to manage their monthly finances and start to invest in owning their own home inexpensively. , They will be encouraged to expound on what they have learned and discovered and branch out to follow their unique passions while actively exploring what it means to live a fulfilling life.

Village Status

Recent Progress:

We have identified a 1-acre plot of land in New Orleans East that we hope to purchase. We are working to conduct a formal land survey and meeting with skilled professionals to help us through the design and permitting of the Village. We are also currently conducting outreach to the image neighbors, schools, and business to both introduce our organization and seek their their support and engagement in the process.


In progress



Why Santosha Village?

Challenges of Traditional Shelters

  • Lack of Privacy (dorm-style living)

  • Lack of Storage of personal belongings

  • Limited Stay

  • You have to pack up and Leave every morning

Advantages of Village

  • All the advantages of having a private dwelling unit, with storage, basic electric and water etc.

  • Stay for as long as a year

  • No mandate to leave all day

  • Focused on self reliance and communal living

How will it work?

5 village rules:

  1. No violence

  2. No theft

  3. No alcohol or illegal drugs on-site

  4. No persistent, disruptive behavior

  5. Everyone must contribute to the operation and maintenance of the Village.

Each villager gives:

  • $30–60/month utility fee

  • 8 hours/week front desk duty

  • Clean community bathroom once a month

  • Attendance at weekly village meeting

Each villager gets:

  • A small, safe and private space to call your own

  • Access to common kitchen, bath, laundry, gathering, and workshop facilities

  • Access to Mental Wellness and Micro-Business Assistance programming

  • Computer and wi-fi access

  • Monthly Bus Pass

A Proven Concept

Opportunity Village in Eugene Oregon already has a homeless village running in this model! The city and a residents have partnered to build a 30 home shelter which has performed really well. Learn more about Opportunity Village.

The village is run by SquareOne Villages, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating self-managed communities of cost-effective tiny homes for people in need of housing. They have 3 villages currently in operation.


Are you homeless? Find out what Sanosha can do for you. Learn more.